Foreign Exchange Service

You can now save your clients time and money every time they handle foreign exchange payments.

INVESTIR have partnered with TransferMate Global Payments to provide INVESTIR clients with a smarter way to handle their international foreign currency payments. If you have clients that either send or receive foreign currency payments (traditionally wholesalers, retailers, importers, exporters, distributors, manufacturers).

Simply enter their email address and yours below and your client will receive an instant introduction to a member of our team that manages this partnership

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You can add multiple email addresses by simply inserting a comma ,
for example,
38 8 8 + 3=+235* =3- =*2=/ 2


It’s simple!
25 EUR Voucher for both you and your friend

Invite your friends to sign-up to TransferMate

When each person has activated their account via your unique User ID AND completed a transfer.

As soon as any invited referral transfers over 10,000 EUR both you and your referral will receive a 25 EUR gift card

No fees to pay for you or your friends on future individual transfers over 1,000 EUR for 3 months from date of activation.